The Diversification Specialist

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Diversitec Ltd was established in September 2002 by Robert Poots, a well known figure in the local community as a dairy farmer and as the Managing Director and Proprietor of the company, along with his wife Sylvia.  Robert is a former chairman of the County Down division of the Ulster Farmers Union and vice-chairman of the Ulster Farmer Unions Rural Development Committee for Northern Ireland, he sat on the Lisburn Strategy Partnership Board as a representative of the rural community and was the founding chairman and Managing Director of Laganside Rural Development, an organisation set up to assist the rural community access funding and capacity building.

The Diversification Specialists

Diversitec Ltd is a company set up to deliver expertise in the broad areas of Planning, Diversification, Conceptual Design, Facilitation, Project Management and Project Funding.  The company’s main aim is to facilitate, service, assess and identify feasible diversification and regeneration projects, in both rural and urban areas across the United Kingdom, Europe and further a field.  The company specialises in acting as an Honest Broker and Consultancy Agent for those positioned in a wide range of industries, across all sectors of the economy including Renewable Energy.

Confidentiality Assured

Of utmost importance to Diversitec Ltd is the preservation of the traditional way of life in the communities that it serves, whilst introducing new investment and business opportunities that are complementary to the local community.

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